Payment Processing

Payments. Where to begin?

WE charge the same as our providers (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) plus our platform fee of $0.50 to $1.00 per ticket. There are zero monthly fees for your merchant account. We utilize Stripe and Square for payment authorization. Deposits are on a rolling 2 day (your first deposit can take up to 7 days) or less schedule and require no interaction on your part. You may also choose to customize the deposit schedule.

If you have a merchant account, we also support as the payment gateway.

So let's talk about that merchant account you may have. For the vast majority of clubs (and districts) the cost of a merchant account is a waste of dollars that could be going to projects. The reality is, you are rarely getting the quoted rate. Rewards cards are costing you a total of 3.5% discount fee or more. Add in monthly fees, network pass throughs, PCI compliance fees and probably more and we're talking about real money that could be doing good instead.

We'll add a calculator soon to show how much you can save, in the meantime call us at 888-236-9322 and we'll be happy to do a cost comparison for you. We are in the platform business, not the merchant account business. If you really are better off with a merchant account we'll be happy to refer you to some processors who we know can probably save you money.

We also offer ACH check payments at 0.8% of the total capped at $5.00.